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Fresco Style Work in progress by n-a-i-m-a Fresco Style Work in progress :iconn-a-i-m-a:n-a-i-m-a 10 4 Argolis Island 3d terrain test by n-a-i-m-a Argolis Island 3d terrain test :iconn-a-i-m-a:n-a-i-m-a 4 3 World of Permia by n-a-i-m-a World of Permia :iconn-a-i-m-a:n-a-i-m-a 48 9 Stellar Enterprise logo by n-a-i-m-a Stellar Enterprise logo :iconn-a-i-m-a:n-a-i-m-a 3 0 Spaceboss Logo by n-a-i-m-a Spaceboss Logo :iconn-a-i-m-a:n-a-i-m-a 2 0 A S T R O A R C H E O L O G Y by n-a-i-m-a A S T R O A R C H E O L O G Y :iconn-a-i-m-a:n-a-i-m-a 15 3 V A N D U U L by n-a-i-m-a V A N D U U L :iconn-a-i-m-a:n-a-i-m-a 8 0 Ecoterror by n-a-i-m-a Ecoterror :iconn-a-i-m-a:n-a-i-m-a 4 0 Xeno Racism is Back by n-a-i-m-a Xeno Racism is Back :iconn-a-i-m-a:n-a-i-m-a 3 2 Van Dull Energy Drink Logo by n-a-i-m-a Van Dull Energy Drink Logo :iconn-a-i-m-a:n-a-i-m-a 0 0 Van Dull Energy Drink by n-a-i-m-a Van Dull Energy Drink :iconn-a-i-m-a:n-a-i-m-a 0 0 The Uncle Banu's dried Brood! by n-a-i-m-a The Uncle Banu's dried Brood! :iconn-a-i-m-a:n-a-i-m-a 0 0 Uncle Banu's Snack by n-a-i-m-a Uncle Banu's Snack :iconn-a-i-m-a:n-a-i-m-a 2 0 The XiAn Chop-Soup Express by n-a-i-m-a The XiAn Chop-Soup Express :iconn-a-i-m-a:n-a-i-m-a 2 1 Big Trouble in little Xi'An Town by n-a-i-m-a Big Trouble in little Xi'An Town :iconn-a-i-m-a:n-a-i-m-a 2 0 C  O  N  T  A  C  T by n-a-i-m-a C O N T A C T :iconn-a-i-m-a:n-a-i-m-a 3 2


ESB Overview Map by SirInkman ESB Overview Map :iconsirinkman:SirInkman 155 38 the City-kingdoms of the Hareshk by vorropohaiah the City-kingdoms of the Hareshk :iconvorropohaiah:vorropohaiah 167 15 Vardenia and Urenia by MaximePLASSE Vardenia and Urenia :iconmaximeplasse:MaximePLASSE 185 30 The 6 Realms by MaximePLASSE The 6 Realms :iconmaximeplasse:MaximePLASSE 207 34 Elandaria by MaximePLASSE Elandaria :iconmaximeplasse:MaximePLASSE 294 52 Sacrulea by MaximePLASSE Sacrulea :iconmaximeplasse:MaximePLASSE 166 24 Islands of the Sleepy Dragon by SirInkman Islands of the Sleepy Dragon :iconsirinkman:SirInkman 206 57 Sci Fi Matte Painting  091917 by rich35211 Sci Fi Matte Painting 091917 :iconrich35211:rich35211 1,230 58 Sci Fi City Street Night by rich35211 Sci Fi City Street Night :iconrich35211:rich35211 235 10 Atlas Elyden #29 - the Independancy of Khamid by vorropohaiah Atlas Elyden #29 - the Independancy of Khamid :iconvorropohaiah:vorropohaiah 81 13 The Triplet Archipelago by Tekila-onRice The Triplet Archipelago :icontekila-onrice:Tekila-onRice 44 9 Aith Mosaic Map by pyrandon Aith Mosaic Map :iconpyrandon:pyrandon 8 3 Ancient Mosaic Map by pyrandon Ancient Mosaic Map :iconpyrandon:pyrandon 36 8 Queen's thief map by MaximePLASSE Queen's thief map :iconmaximeplasse:MaximePLASSE 148 7 Coastlines of the Ice Age - Europe by atlas-v7x Coastlines of the Ice Age - Europe :iconatlas-v7x:atlas-v7x 66 14 Map: Cirundi 2.0 by thevizir Map: Cirundi 2.0 :iconthevizir:thevizir 136 28


Fresco Style Work in progress
HEllo , this is absolutely not a finished product, but a Test I am doing to explore new painting ways for a more artistic approach to map ...

My idea is to create a scene with a wall painted fresco portraying the Peninsula of Ausonia from World of Thersis, the style should be similar to the one of the Vatican Maps Gallery that you can see here...…

I am thinking to update this page with possible updates if you want to get notified ...

Eventually when the map will be finished I will delete this post and make a final one or I might simply leave it as a wip .

as for mountains I want to inspire both to the fresco style and the works of another great mapper here "Viking" , hope to make something similar at least but with a fresco style.

Then my idea is to Fill the countorn of Renaissence style figures, sea monsters, ships and the like with also a painted compass , then add some painted cities as well .

Now on the issues :

  • I fear it would take ages to make the whole map as I intended as paingint every single hill and tree might become a little too timeconsuming ... tips on that?
  • I am also not really liking how woods and forests are made in the original frescos so I was trying something different but I can't say I am really a fun of what I did ... ( in the little island enlargement ) ... Tips for that too?
  • The size is also an issue as I am not really getting what level of detail I should focus for? so sizes of hills , forests, and mountains , especially in comparison with oehter places of the map that might make me risk to loose the proportion focus .Tips for that too?
Thersis Atlas Book
Here there is a Thersis Atlas mockup ....
I imagined a possible early 1900 Atlas of the fictional world Thersis beeing used for an exploration plan of the Aztlan Lands... I tried to give a modern but also a vintage feel , not sure if I made it.
I was kind of inspired by a recent movie I saw about exploration in the early 1900.
The Thersis map represented is an updated and upgraded physical map version of the Map I have been working on so far for the world of Thersis wich is an alternative Earthlike planet with some similarity to the Earth landmasses and environments, I will upload a new cleaner version of the whole map when I get some more time.
The World of Thersis is slightly larger than the Earth and has slightly different mass but similar gravity, it has two moons and features a more recent Ice age.

I hope you like it.
Comments are welcome.

Updated with V2 with slight changes to Aerdea.
Updated with V3 with some slight tone and physical changes to the map.
Updated with V4 with some slight tone and physical changes to the map.
Updated with V5 other Changes to Dusarea and Zargo position.
Thersis Geographycal Map
Hello , Here I wanted to start a new thread on an older project of mine I decided to renew a bit.

I wanted so to refine a bit the shape of parts of the continents to give a a more interesting look and shapes.
All the continents have been made according to tectonic plates and continental shelves as can be seen in the older WIP thread [URL="…"]here[/URL].

So here is a new Physical map of Thersis.

For naming I am following a sort of mix of names taken from ancient cultures and languages with a bit of changes ...

For example Thersis comes from the Indoeuropean word for Earth wich is Tersa.

Then here a list of some of the names I am using or deriving from to kind of remind an ethymology.

Ersetia(ersetu Sumerian)
Pacua ( Pacha inca terra)
Hawaki ( terra origine hawai)
Thule (  Ancient mythical land )
Vardia( Vardar greek wind)
Aztlan (  Ancient mythical Aztec land )
Ophir ( Ancient mythical region from Bible )
Meropis( Greek atlantis parody)
Anostos ( non return greek)
Hyperia ( beyond greek)
Vaniria (Vanir )
Erdea (Erde german for Earth)
Wana(terra sanskrit )
Paititi ( lost land Inca)
Auraea ( Emilio Salgari )
Chereseto ( Emilio Salgari )
Venatoria( hunting latin)
Mania ( of the man)
Thersis ( Tersa Indoeuropean)
udadhea(udadhí sea Sanskrit)
Borealia( Borea north wind)
Suchandra (Tibetan king of Shambala)
Devendra (Tibetan king of Shambala)
Al kebu lan(Ancient name of africa)
Afaria ( Afar dust Phoenician)
Arborea( land of trees latin )
Cemanahuac( Aztec name of land surrounded by water)
Zipacna ( Mayan for crocotile earth crust )
Dunia ( Swhaili for Earth )
Shamba  (land for swhaili )
Indra ( Hindu deity )
Geb ( Ancient Egypt for world )
Zep Tepi ( Ancient Egypt of First time )
Aker ( Ancient Egypt for Horizon)
Vatha ( Sanskrit for Wind )
EKwos ( Indoeuropean for Horse )
Erwā ( Indoeuropean for  land )
Seres ( latin name for Chinese )

So I plan to use ancient languages to label place names and give both times an exotic sound and an more realistic meaning to the places by making compositions like for example Hima in Sanskrit means snow , laya , home  , Hima laya means so snow home or dwelling .... I plan to make similar compositions.

I would be happy to receive comments, opinions, sugestions about the map , the naming system , the labeling way and everything else that might help make me the map more realistic and interesting ...
I also latinized a bit the toponimy to make a sort of latin world view of the world with latinization of the names.

Es Aztlan is the mythical land of the ancient Aztecs is Latinized as Aztlantia.

Thankyou all for attention.

Here the WIP map .

Updated with Version II

Updated with Version III

The Map features a combination of Latin Toponymy, I also realized an English and a fictional language to create new toponimies in the future, but for now I liked Latin.
I also created a Hypsographic , Biome , Batymetric map.

Updated with Version III

Here is the fictional language I was working on they have a resemblance in origin with Earth cultures, but are not the same and when possible I am referring to ancient forms of the languages as Inspiration.


I worked on the following :

Aerdian : Equivalent to an Indoeuropean
Aequilan : Equivalent to an - Italic - Latin
Virmanian : Equivalent to a - German
Kaltian : Equivalent to a - Gaulish

Other :

Xorian : Mongol/Turkich
Hyrkan : Scyto/ Sarmatian
Kethan : Egyptian/Copt
Ophirian : Semitic/Arab/Jew/ Aramaic
Bamu : Ancient Bantu
Indran : Sanskrit/Hindu
Yanian : Ancient Chinese
Kangan: Ancient Burmese/Tibetan
Intica: Incan
Ixtec : Aztec
Pacuan : Polinesian

I will base some or many location names on a possible word composition based on those.

Edit: Refined Dusar Region and Zargo position.
Investitura- The Accolade Study
A Digital painting color test study on the Accolate painting by British artist Edmund Leighton…

Comments and sugestions criticism appreciated.
Argolis Island 3d terrain test
Hello , this is totally a test , nothing special really , I invented the names in less than a minute and I created this map to test isometric 3d terrain generation tool for photoshop .
The island is a real topography from an exhistinc Island I forgot wich one, I think is one of the island north of New Zealand.


No journal entries yet.


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